Unix File System

Unix treats everything in terms of file, all the information, programs data in Unix is stored as file. The directory in Unix is also a file that contains the links of other files. Unix follows hierarchical directory structure. The file system of Unix begins with the top level directory called root. The root directory is represented by /(slash) character.

Unix File System

The Unix file system consists of the following main directories:-


The bin directory contains the executable files of the Unix commands. The executable files can be C program or shell programs of Unix. The bin is like the program files directory of the windows OS.


The lib directory Contains all the library files that is helpful in developing the program in Unix OS . During the program development these library files are included for various functions.


In the dev directory all the device files are stored, the Unix OS treats everything as the file. This directory contains the files for various input output devices like terminals, printers, storage etc. For each device there is a separate file in Unix OS.

For example, if there is something to be printed, then the contents are written to the printer file in the dev directory and the information gets printed by the printer.


The usr directory contains the separate directory of each user of the Unix OS. These directories are created by the system Administrator. Important thing is that each user is allowed to work only within his directory also called home directory.


The tmp directory contains the temporary files created by OS or users. These files are deleted periodically or when the system is shut down or restarted.


The etc directory contains various system configuration/settings along with the users information. The root user can view/alter the details inside the etc.


The unix directory contains the core unix kernel file.



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