Unix is a Multiuser, Multitasking, Multiprogramming, Time-sharing systems, CUI & Network OS Developed at Bell Laboratories by Ken Thompson and Dennis M. Ritchie in 1970. Most part of the Unix OS is written in the C Programming language.

The important characteristic of Unix OS is that it can run on the various hardware configurations.


Features of Unix OS:

  • Security features-

Unix provides a very secure environment, each user has a “user-id” and “password” (user account). The file created by the user can not be modified or deleted by the other users without permission. There is a root user/administrator that has the special power to control all other users on the network. Unix provided user-level security and file-level security.

  • Communication features-

Unix provides user to user communication facility, there are various commands like mail, wall, write etc. that can be used by the users to communicate with other users on the network.

  • Multiuser capability-

Unix supports multiuser environment where multiple user can connect to Unix OS remotely from the network. The Unix OS works in time sharing manner where it shares its processing power among the connected users in round robin manner. The switching between the users is so fast that it appears to each user that they are interacting to the Unix directly. In this way the Unix supports simultaneous operations by the users.

  • Robust OS-

Unix is a very robust OS that is developed to work for long operations i.e. The Unix system can run continuously for months without any problem. So it is suitable for large businesses or organizations. Generally, desktop OS like Windows is not developed for continued operations for months.

Limitations of Unix OS

  • The installation of Unix OS requires to configure the network and set different parameters.
  • The Unix OS is a bit difficult to learn.
  • Limited software is available that can run/support Unix OS.

OS Comparison chart 

 UNIXLinuxDOSWindows 7



Time sharing


Client Server






Client Server





Desktop OS

Single User




Desktop OS



DOS Screen


UNIX Screen

Program to connect to Unix OS

There are software available called Terminal Emulation Software that provides the facility to connect to the Unix OS remotely, on the client computer there can be other OS like windows installed, and using the Terminal Emulation program user can connect to Unix.


Putty is a widely used terminal emulation program. It can be downloaded from the internet.

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